A Black & White Video Profile is a sophisticated approach to web video.  This classic style presents an upscale image to your audience, allows the subject to be relaxed on camera, and connects emotionally to the audience.

The two case studies below show this approach in action.​​​​​​​
Drew Green
When Centenary University asked us to produce a profile on the success of a former student from Brooklyn, this approach seemed appropriate.  Adding a bit of slow motion, ramping, and a great beat contributed to the success of this project.
Barbara Hetzel​​​​​
Often, it's difficult to create an engaging video for business coaches.  They spend a lot of time on the phone, in meetings, and giving talks.  By staging these activities in a creative manner, and producing a voiceover instead of using on-camera talent, we were able to put Barbara at ease, and create a great promotional video for her.

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